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modname = 'CMFQuickInstallerTool'
version = open('version.txt').read().strip()
numversion = version.split('.')

license = 'GPL'
copyright = '''(c) 2003 BlueDynamics'''

author = "Philipp Auersperg"
author_email = "phil@bluedynamics.com"

short_desc = "A tool to manage installation of CMF products inside CMF sites"
long_desc = """This tool is independent from the former CMFQuickInstaller.
The main difference to CMFQuickInstaller the tracking of
what a product creates during install.

web = "http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/collective"
ftp = ""
mailing_list = "collective@lists.sourceforge.net"

debian_name = "zope-cmfquickinstallertool"
debian_maintainer = "Sylvain Thenault"
debian_maintainer_email = "sylvain.thenault@logilab.fr"
debian_handler = "zope"

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