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zope-cmfquickinstallertool-1.5.0::SkinRegistrar::PloneSkinRegistrar Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Controls (un)registering of a layer in the skins tool:
 - the layer in the content of the skin tool
 - the layer in the path of all skins
@author: U{Gilles Lenfant <glenfant@bigfoot.com>}
@version: 0.1.0
@ivar _layer: Name of the Product's subdirectory that contains
    the various layers for the Product.
@type _layer: string
@ivar _prodglobals: Globals from this Product.
@type _propglobals: mapping object

Definition at line 13 of file SkinRegistrar.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def install
def uninstall

Private Attributes


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